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Whoa - it's been far too long!

It's been forever and a day since I've written in this thing.  Getting a friend add from Seung Wha reminded me I should probably write something in this thing.  I had a pretty eventful weekend, anyway.  Jim and I went to the VA Aquarium in VA Beach.  He bitched part of the way over there, saying shit like, "I didn't know it was all the way on the oceanfront!"  It pretty much is...  I had fun, but I guess I have higher expectations of what a real aquarium should have.  I wanted to see more than just ONE dinky little tank with jellyfish in it.  I had high hopes of seeing the huge ones with very long tentacles that's pictured on the side of the building.  If I had it my way, there'd be at least 3 to 4 different types of the same species.  i.e. nudibranch, jellyfish, etc...etc...Maybe I should travel to the San Diego one.  Everyone says they have a huge selection of sea critters.  I think I really liked Ripley's Aquarium in the Smoky Mountains better.  They had a piranha tank, giant groupers, sunfish, etc.  Lately, I've really been into River Monsters on Animal Planet.  That guy finds SO many scary, but interesting looking fish!  Anyway, I have postcards I'm sharing with a couple swappers.  :-)

Yesterday, we went to Water Country USA and met up with Fuzzy and April.  I ended up running into Nancy.  Had I known she had a season's pass, I would have called her to begin with.  I'll be meeting up with her Friday after she gets off work.  I have to go to Williamsburg anyway, and take my mom to the doctor.  Hopefully when they did her DNC it WAS just a polyp and NOT cancer.  Jim's mom has uterine cancer, and I really don't need to hear that my mom has it too.  Anyway, we'll eat at Peking like we did a couple weeks ago and maybe go night swimming again.  Peking has updated and expanded even MORE.  As if they could GET any bigger.  They now have this awesome sushi train thing that goes around and around, and you open it up as it goes by and grab what you want.  So yummy!  She's actually sort of interested in decos, since I told her what they were about.  I just want to take some and show her exactly what they're all about.  Speaking of decos, man I love them, but lyrix/lyrics books...I have such a hard time coming up with some lyrics for those things!  It's because every song I love is my favorite song, so, I don't know...  Not that I don't like doing them, it's just that I need to shut the hell up and just do a page in a few I have lying around here, already!  I cleaned the dining room table off today.  HA!  FINALLY!  Now I can do some more decos or maybe make some more magnets for my etsy shop.

yard sale

My mom called me yesterday and told me she wants to have a yard sale at her place sometime next month.  Perfect!  I have a ton of crap to get rid of.  Anyway, I spent part of today going through crap and loading it into to the van.  I'll take some to my mom's and start pricing it, then take more and price more, until it's all over and done with.  I really do have a lot to get rid of. 

I took a cute picture of Jack today.  He stuck his little doggie nose through the gate like he always does, and I finally got a picture of him doing that.  I posted it on hrtownsquare.com and on my photobucket account. 

Anyway, I've decided to get back into decos.  At least, for as long as I can semi-afford to swap them.  I want to swap maybe 5 at a time.  That way I don't overload myself and I can send out that many at a time without breaking the bank on postage.  I did 5 today, actually.  I was feeling creative.  All I need to do is scan them in and put them on my photobucket account. 

I'm extremely excited about going to that cemetery over in Portsmouth next Tuesday (not this coming one, but the 6th) and taking pictures.  I want to do some black and whites and a few color ones.  That cemetery has a lot of old gravestones and statues.  Jack has mad fleas and I need to flea fog the house.  I figure since I have to take Jim's mom over to the naval hospital for wound care, that I can stay out a little while longer, take pics, and come home. 

Today started out warm and sunny, but now it's windy, rainy, and chilly.  Stupid Virginia weather... 

Jim is bringing home Firehouse Subs for dinner.  Mmmmmmmm....  Jealous?

American Oldies

Yesterday, we got out of the house for a while.  All day long on Saturday, Jim fixed the transmission on his truck.  We went to the flea market, and I used my change that I get from Jim's pockets when he comes home from work, and got my mom a new clock with an apple on it for her kitchen.  It was still in the box and plastic.  I found a Campbell's soup classic car that was hotwheels sized, in the box for Miss Vicky.  She's my neighbor and she collects anything Campbell's Soup related.  After the flea market, we went to Village Thrift, which is over by the school where Jim's mom used to teach before she got cancer.  We had some crap to drop off, which is one of the things I love about that thrift store-you can drop stuff off in a bin outside-you don't have to take it inside.  We went inside and I found Vicky a wooden cat still in its plastic for 56 cents. She loves to paint wooden things.  I also found these things, in which I thought were glass at first, but are actually plastic.  They're circles, squares, and different gemstone sort of shapes.  They're flat on the back, so I figured I could use them for something or other, and split them with Vicky and she could glue them onto pots for plants.  I also found this cute silk (it could be, but I'm not sure if it's real silk or not?) scarf, that's pretty thin, and since I'm attempting to let my hair grow longer, until I get sick of it, I may use it.  If not, I'll send it to Courtney.  So, we went down to the DAV thrift that we normally don't go to because it's so far away from our house.  I found a cute double deck of vintage playing cards for 99 cents.  I'll have to take a picture of them later.  I also found Vicky some duck stencils for only 45 cents.  Anyway, we were coming back home and Jim wanted to stop and get ice cream at Baskin Robbins.  (Did I even spell that right?)  I got a Jamocha milk shake, like I always do, because I can drink that without it tasting entirely too sweet.  We went over to American Oldies, which is in the same shopping center.  They sell used records, cassette tapes, CDs, and DVDs.  I made Jim get me Mark Wills-Greatest Hits.  The man is sexy as hell, but he also has a great voice.  Anyway, while we were in there, these two girls came in.  They were telling the man (probably in his late 40s-early 50s) how much they LOVED the store and that they come in there ALL the time.  They asked if they were hiring,  and the guy said probably soon.  He didn't have an application, but told them to write their info down.  Then, he asks how old they are.  One girl is almost 16, the other is almost 17.  They were dressed like complete skanked out hoochies.  I'm sorry, but how much do YOU know about music?  You probably listen to crap like As I Lay Dying, From Autumn to Ashes, and Early November.  Your parents LET you dress like that and they don't CARE?  I waited until they left and I told the guy that I'd been coming to that store since I was a teenager and have ALWAYS wanted to work there, AND I know WAY more about music than those two little teenage prostitutes (not that I called them that out loud) do.  I told the guy I'm turning 30 in May and that I know a lot about music and that I listen to just about any type of music.  I told him how much I love '80s new wave, '80s alternative, etc. and what bands Jim and I had seen, which he said he'd seen as a teen.  Hee!  Anyway, if anyone should work there, it's me.  Not some skanked out teenager than knows f*** all about music.  Yeah, just keep on wearing AC/DC shirts for fashion purposes and not know ANY of their songs.  Not that they were wearing any AC/DC shirts, you get what I'm saying?  So, I put my info down.  I put my first and last name, email address, cell phone number, and that I knew about ALL different kinds of music.  It also does me good that I know Chuck, who is Nurse Daily's brother.  Nurse Daily works at the school where Jim's mom used to teach and she knew that Jim and I liked to go to American Oldies, and mentioned her brother working there.  Anyway, I'm done for now.  Just glad I got that out. 

stupid headache

Go away!  I'm sick of you.  I hate waking up with a headache.  They usually take all day to go away.  

Okay, so it looks like we have a lot on our plate for this weekend.  Jim has to somehow fix Fuzzy's car.  The coil(?) went out in it.  Luckily, Jim had the flatbed tow truck last night, because he'd just brought his truck home to put his new (used, but new to him) transmission in it.  Fuzzy called Jim around 9 last night and told him the car was losing power.  He went and picked up the car and Fuzzy and dropped Fuzzy off and brought the car home.  Previously Jim worked on his transmission on his truck with Kenny for a little while. 

Jim and I have been married since Halloween of last year and I STILL haven't gone to get my name changed on my driver's license.  I have to get it renewed before my birthday in May, anyway, so I guess I'll get both done at the same time.  If they ask me why I haven't done it, I can honestly tell them it's because I dread coming to the DMV and standing a line for 2 hours because you people move at the speed of ZERO point ZERO miles per hour.

It's supposed to be gorgeous this whole weekend, with temps in the 70s.  I still don't know if we're going to Nauticus or not.  Hmmmm, maybe I should look up yard sales on craigslist.  I honestly think Jim has way too much going on, though.  He wants to get his truck finished this weekend.  He also has to fix Fuzzy's car.  He and Kenny LOVE working on cars together.  Ah, male bonding... 

I feel like doing decos again!  I may...  I wanna email Milly and Courtney and tell them I want to swap again.  I can't swap heavily, though, because of money. I just really miss mail art.  I need something to get creative with.  I haven't drawn much lately.  I should, I suppose.  I took some more flower pictures today.  Anyway, I'm done now.

Writer's Block: So far so good

What's the best movie you've seen so far this year? How about the best song? The best book?

The best movie I've seen so far has got to be Hot tub Time Machine.  My husband signed up for an early screening of it for him and 9 guests.  We got t-shirts, popcorn, and drinks for free.  It is seriously one of the most hilarious movies I've ever seen.  The best song?  I don't listen to new music, so I couldn't tell you.  The best book?  Dang, I haven't read a book in so long...It's pathetic.

That ain't right

So, I love all different kinds of music.  Jo Dee Messina was on Fox & Friends this morning, and said she's touring right now.  Yeah....her tour consists of 7 more dates in NY and 1 date in PA.  That ain't right!  Come to VA!  She's only my most favorite (living) country singer.  Oh well.  I'll keep looking on ticketmaster.com.  You never know-she could add more dates.  Speaking of concerts, Jim wants me to come with him and Fuzzy to see Megadeth.  No thanks.  Not my thing.  I wish the Raveonettes would come sometime.  I realize they're from Denmark, but still... 

Yesterday and today have been so crummy as far as the weather is concerned.  I'm sick of the clouds.  It needs to warm up, too.  The sun is supposed to finally come out tomorrow.  This weekend looks absolutely stellar!  It's supposed to be 73 degrees on Saturday! 

I recently registered on hrtownsquare.com.   I used thriftsquirrel as my username there, too.   It's pretty much run by our local newspaper, The Daily Press.  I added a couple of my favorite photos I took of the crocuses (is that the right usage of the plural of that word?) that just popped up in my yard.  I got a few comments on them already.  It really makes me happy when people actually LIKE my photos.  So, thanks strangers on the internet, for liking my photos.  Turns out they do these things called photowalks, too.  Who knows?  Maybe I'll do one and make a new friend or something. 

I still can't quite believe I thrifted 3 pairs of jeans at ONE thrift store on Sunday!  It makes me wish I had more money to try and find some shirts for the spring and summer.  Okay, who am I kidding?  I have shirts, but I want some more that I can maybe wear outdoors and whatnot.  I wouldn't mind finding some knee-length shorts, too.  I do NOT like capri pants.  No thanks.  I love that I only paid 96 cents for my green shirt I'm wearing tomorrow, since it's St. Patrick's Day.  That makes 3 green shirts that I own.  What's my problem?  I love green.  I also have a thing for aqua and blue greens. 

We may possibly go to Nauticus this weekend and see that pirate exhibit, finally.  It'd be the perfect time to do it. 

70 degrees

It's supposed to be 70 degrees today!  I'm excited.  I worked out in the yard a bit yesterday, when I got back from taking Jim's mom to Wound Care for her every two week check-up.  If this tiny nagging headache would go away, I could focus on doing something productive.  I'm making a big pitcher of iced tea.  Iced tea makes me happy.   Of course it'll take all day to cool down in the fridge, but whatever.  Hot Tub Time Machine was the FUNNIEST movie I have ever seen!  It was amazing, and I think Jim and I both agree that we'd pay to see it again.  Getting in for free, getting shirts, popcorn, and drinks for free, and not having to worry about ANY previews/trailers before the movie, was AWESOME!  I don't think very many people actually signed up for it on XBOX Live, because we were really the only VIP people there, until people that said they won tickets through a radio station showed up.  If we go see it again, we'll go to Cinema Cafe, because tickets are always really cheap, because they serve you food, too.  We always try and do matinees when we go there, just like we did for Alice in Wonderland. 

Anyway, Kenny said he may have a job, finally.  Some tow truck company over in Norfolk.  I hope he gets it and that everything works out.  Now that Vicky is FINALLY getting her social security disability, things will get better for them and they won't lose their house.  So, I don't know what I'm doing today, besides maybe washing Jim's work clothes.  I may take pictures of the first pre-spring crocus flowers. 

Busy life

Yesterday I had to take my mom to the doctor.  Well, she sees this nurse practitioner lady, whom I will call by her first name, Marie.  She was basically following her up from when she had to have a CT scan and see a urologist because of blood in her urine.  I go in the office with my mom and this lady says they found blood in her urine, stool, and um, elsewhere.  I'm thinking, how can they know if she had blood in her stool if they didn't take a stool sample.  So, now this lady wants my mom to have ANOTHER CT scan.  They already saw a small spot near her kidney in which the urologist said, "don't worry about it; it's nothing."  I told Marie about my mother-in-law and how she has uterine cancer and that if there was a spot near her kidney, shouldn't they biopsy it just to make sure isn't cancer???  The entire time I'm asking her this long drawn out question, she never ONCE looks at me!  I really don't like it when people don't look me in the eye when I'm asking them a question.  So, now she wants my mom to get another CT scan AND go to a gynecologist.  What this lady may or may not realize is that if my mom has cancer, it DOESN'T show up by just doing a pelvic exam.  It didn't show up on Jim's mom, until they scraped the lining of her uterus!  It's called a DNC.  Also, Marie DID a pelvic exam on my mom YESTERDAY!  Ugh!  Of course, they don't want to do anything until about 4 months from now.  When I took her to the urologist it was back in January, so they're factoring in another 4 months since January to make 6 months.  Needless to say, my sister called me yesterday, and she's very upset and wants to leave Marie a nice long message asking her a long list of questions.  Marie also said something along the lines of, "If you want something done about it sooner than the 4 months, then do it within 1 month."  That's not the point.  The point is, if something is wrong with my mom and people are dropping the ball on it because she's 75 years old (yes, she had me when she was 45), I will CUT them. 

Our power went out yesterday.  More bad drivers out there.  I swear...  I was at my mom's, then after her doctor appointment, I went to the Walmart over by her house and bought some groceries, and then took the interstate home.  I get to the traffic light where I turn into my neighborhood, and noticed it wasn't working.  I unlocked the door to the house, and noticed the time wasn't on the cable boxes in the living room or the dining room, and knew our power had gone out.  Jim's mom said it went out a little after 12, and I got home about 2:40 yesterday.  It didn't come on until about 6:30.  So, we ordered dinner at Sunrise Pizzeria and brought it home.  I had a chicken cheese steak with mushrooms and green peppers. 

Gotta pick up Jim today and when we get home he'll change so we can go ALLLLLLL the way over to VA Beach to see Hot tub Time Machine.  Jim signed up through XBOX Live to be able to receive a screening of it for him and 9 of his closest friends.  I think Fuzzy, Junior, and Junior's daughter Shannon are coming.  We get shirts, drinks, and popcorn.  The movie I don't think comes out 'til the 23rd or some such mess.  It looks funny as crap and I hope it is.  We went to see Alice in Wonderland on Sunday and I am in LOVE with a couple of the dresses Alice wore in the movie.  There's a black and white one that Johnny Depp's character, the Mad Hatter made for Alice while she was tiny and hiding inside a tea pot.  He took part of what she was wearing, which was falling off her, and just tied it up somehow.  It was gorgeous!  Then, there was a red and black dress that I love even more, that the Red Queen (I could have sworn her name was the Queen of Hearts???) made for her when she ate more cake and got all huge again.  I definitely think next year this movie should win an award for costumes. 

My Mother's Day idea

Every year my sister and I try and get together and plant flowers for my mom.  We put them in several different pots and line them up like so on her porch.  This year, I'd still like to do that, but I also wanted to take my mom and Jim's mom to the Norfolk Botanical Gardens.  Since my mom is 75 years old, it's only $6 to get her in.  Jim's mom is 61, so I don't know if she'd be considered a senior or not.  For Jim and I it'll be $7 a person.  That's SO not bad!  My ex-boyfriend from a long time ago, Chris, took me there for Valentine's Day, and it's not all that great in the winter when the flowers aren't blooming, but I imagine in the spring it'll be gorgeous.  It's a huge area and has different themed gardens.    People even get married there.  So, that's my Mother's Day idea.  I just hope Jim's mom is feeling good enough on that day, so we can take her.  We have an extra wheelchair and that's a lot of walking around, so Jim can push his mom in her chair and I can push my mom around in the extra one, so she doesn't have to do all that walking. 

Jim should be home around 1PM today, I hope.  I want him to help me carry some crap out to the street.  They're having a special bulk trash pick up tomorrow.  I bagged up 14 bags of leaves by myself over this week (before the snow and the rain!), so I have to put those out too.  I think after I do the dishes I may try and at least get the piles of stuff separated out so it's ready to go.  Other than that I have some CDs to burn and get ready to go out in the mail. 


I just started a random list of stuff I want.  Don't ask why.  It's not like I'm planning on getting them any time soon.  Upon going in Target yesterday because dog chow was on sale for $18.49 (it's gone up to about $22 a bag at Walmart), and noticing how ridiculously overpriced Target is (as usual)...I've decided I'm making Jim get me that Paula Deen (said with an extreme Georgia southern accent) frying pan at Ollies.  Together, it is paired with a square griddle looking pan.  You do NOT want to mess with me when I've been craving REAL pancakes for as long as I have.  Jim bought the Bisquick-let's go!  Anyway, the two pans together are about $25.  Now, seeing as how Target has the little frying pan BY ITSELF for $25, don't mess with me.  They had some pans in there for $36!  HA HA HA!  Are you KIDDING me?!  Call me cheap.  Then, I also need a plastic or rubber coated spatula (egg turner), but Target wanted $5.89 for one!  What?!  Every time I go in there I think about how glad I am I quit that store.  Working there was like working in a high school book store.  "Like, ohhhhhh my God,  Britney!"  I guess that's the difference between me and my husband.  I'm cheap and he's not.  Yeah, I mean, I definitely admit having expensive TASTES, but I don't often act on them. 

My good (bestest ever)  friend Kenneth cracks me up.  I texted him yesterday and asked him if he had any idea what kind of store hhgregg was.  His response: "An awful one."  Ha ha!  Apparently one had just opened up near Target, in the old Circuit City store.  I'm about to do research on this hhgregg.  They're probably just as bad as Bed Bath & Beyond--a store that loves charging people $100 for a trashcan!  HA! 

I drew a bunch yesterday in my sketchbook that Jim found for me at Ollie's.  The one Miss Vickie gave me I can save for when this other one gets full.  I suck, though.  I have the drawing skills of a 9th grader.  Ha ha! 

Anyway, this list I made pretty much has stuff I'd like to DO this year on it.  There are 3 different cemeteries I want to visit and do some photographing.  That's free, so it's not like I'm asking to spend money.  I need a potato masher, too, but I figure Dollar Tree is okay for that.  Maybe Ollie's.  Then, there's the aquarium and Nauticus (while they still have that pirate exhibit going on), which costs money, but if we squirrel money away for a few weeks, then we'll have enough to go to those places.  I'm still on the lookout for a couple more pairs of jeans at the thrifts.  We'll see.