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Punkin' goodness!

I'm about to make some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins using my mom's vintage Sunbeam mixer.  I would SO like a Kitchenaid mixer, but after finding out how much they are, I think I'll pass.  I mean, if I owned my own bakery, yeah.  I don't, though-so what's the point?  For over $200, it had better clean itself AND serve me muffins!  Anyway, I'm super obsessed with everything pumpkin scented, flavored, etc. lately.  Weird.  Anyway, they're the same muffins MIlly made for me in CT.  SO yummy!  My baked ziti turned out pretty awesome.  I think next time I'll use only one tablespoon of brown sugar though.  It was a little TOO sweet.  

Today was spent getting the oil changed in the van and getting it inspected.  Then, I had to go to the social security office to try and get a new card, but it turns out I need my marriage certificate.  The one thing I DIDN'T think of, right?  So, its all the way back to Newport News next week, assuming I can find my marriage certificate.  Argh.  Today hasn't been my day, but then, driving in the city isn't my thing anymore.  I think Newport News is the REASON I'm not that into driving anymore.  I never used to be this nervous about driving.  But, I deal.  Get in, get out.  Do it to it.  Just get over it.

I wonder if I should get up and look for Halloween on DVD.  I've been in the mood to watch it since...well, 'tis the season.  Its in the entertainment center somewhere.  

Looking forward to some beautiful weather this weekend.  If it rains one more time, I'm going to throw something.  Anyway, muffins!



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