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too much

There has been entirely too much going on lately.  Jim's mom was in the hospital from June 22-July 2.  Turns out her heart and lungs had fluid around them.  No wonder she had such terrible shortness of breath after doing nothing but sitting in bed.  They discovered her heart is only functioning at about 10%.  They told us there's nothing they can do because she's a cancer patient.  She's back home and on oxygen.  They delivered a hospital bed for her, too.  She seems to be doing a LOT better and gets up and down on her own, now. 

Anyway, other than that, it feels like we're never home on the weekend.  Last weekend we went to the Blackbeard Pirate Fest.  That was Friday night.  We ate dinner with Jim's boss and his family, then watched Blue Oyster Cult play.  They have 2 songs I actually KNOW, so I was just kind of hot, sweaty and felt like NOT being there.  There's one thing I hate about VA and that's the damn humidity.  Ugh!  We came back again on Sunday with Fuzzy and April.  We ate and walked around a bit and looked at the different pirate booths and went aboard a replica Swedish pirate ship.  I took a few good photos of Fuzzy and April, since they don't really have a lot of them together.  Then again, neither do Jim and I.  Anyway, after that we went to Busch Gardens and the B52s were playing.  We barely made it and only got to see the ass end of them performing Rock Lobster.  Good GOD...People with strollers will RUN...YOU...DOWN.  Grrrr....  

So, this Friday night I'll have my once a month Chinese buffet dinner at Peking in Williamsburg with Nancy.  She has stuff to do afterward, so I asked her if I could invite Jim.  He's been dying to try the sushi train.  I think this weekend we're going to try and take it easy.  I hope.  We have to take his mom to Langley Air Force Base today so she can get her Coumadin levels in her blood checked.  We both have to go because one of us needs to push the extra oxygen tank, should her current one run out. 

Jim has decided to take his week's paid vacation the same time his boss is taking his.  I think it's this month around the 25th or so?  I just wish we could leave and go OUT of town without worrying about his mom.  I mean, it's not that I can't leave town...I just can't leave town for more than one night or so, because of having to take care of his mom.  Milly invited me to take the train to New Haven and she'd pick me up.  I can't do that unless it's for the weekend only.  Then, Jim can take care of her.  Anyway, he was originally going to take his vacation around our wedding anniversary, which is Halloween.  He decided to just ask for a couple days off around then. 

I know what I want for Christmas.  An Olympus Pen digital camera.  It's about $600, though, so I'm just dreaming. 



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