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TGIF, bitches!

Jim is getting off early today after having worked an 11 hour day...Wed. or maybe it was Monday?  I can't remember, but whatever.  He's bringing home Firehouse Subs.  This time I decided to get a Club on a Sub, instead of my normal beef n' cheddar brisket, or my other usual the Firehouse Meatball sub. 

Anyway, we need to get a floater for the pool because he's been just kind of dropping the chlorine tablets in the floating filter thingy and it's staining the bottom of the vinyl.  Eek!  We'll probably go to Ollie's for that.  Hopefully they have Avery brand gluesticks there.  If not, I can get a pack of 3 at Dollar Tree.  I've used a ton of glue on these cards I made recently for my etsy shop.  I'm kind of scared to put them in my shop, though.  I have all these seemingly great ideas, but then I get scared they're going to suck horribly when I actually DO make them.  Anyway, here's a pic of them.  They're basically just cards to enclose with packages or to use as postcards.  I have some postcards I made recently, but I haven't rubber stamped the words/phrases on them yet.  They're from a vintage book on the human body.  I just adore vintage anatomy in artwork.  So, I've decided to spend the money and buy this stuff by Lineco that you brush on a stack of clamped together paper and it makes an instant notepad.  I've been wanting to do this for over a year.  I managed to sell a huge amount of vintage buttons I scored last weekend in a half full gallon sized pickle jar.  Anyway, I think it'll be a lot of fun designing covers for notepads. 

I've been listening to far too much '80s country recently and was in the mood for some '80s today (It was Wang Chung's fault for being on the radio!), so I have it on the '80s Music Choice channel.  I also like Classic Alternative. 

Note to self: Buy vintage Redd Foxx records at flea market, if I run across them again.  The covers would make great deco pics or notepad pics. 




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