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I just dropped my computer on my left foot.  It bruised instantly, but I put ice on it and now it's just red and has two little puncture wounds like a vampire.  Luckily, the computer still works...obviously.  To top it all off I can't go night swimming now, because "aunt flow" is in town this week.  Nancy and I have decided to rent a horror movie instead. 

I woke up last night for about THREE hours.  I don't know what that was about.  Cramps, maybe?  Ha!  I watched an old Whitest Kids U' Know.  I LOVE that show!  I think I'm going to use Dinosaur Rap in this one lyrix book I have.  Anyway, the new season starts June 11th on IFC.  Check it out!  :-)   For some reason, I always wake up and some foreign film is on Sundance.  ALWAYS.  I love foreign films...especially when Jim goes out of town on a run with his truck.  I watch all this crazy independent and foreign stuff that he wouldn't normally watch. 

This weekend he's going with Kenny to the Pinks drag race thing in Richmond.  Boring.  Have fun.  Ever since his wife Vickie died, he's been pretty down.  Kenny is like a dad to Jim.  Miss Vickie was the sweetest nicest lady ever and I miss her so much.  She died on the 14th of May and her funeral was on the 17th-the day before my 30th birthday.  In fact, that entire week was the worst week of my life.  My birthday was great, but I was still upset.  I knew that Milly's bday was very close to mine and so I sent her a big package.  What I didn't expect was for her to send me a huge package in return.  She didn't have to do that.  However, I'm extremely happy with the Dymo Caption Maker labelmaker thingy she sent me.  It is SO much easier to use than a regular embossing labelmaker.  My hand doesn't cramp up, AND the different wheels are VERY easy to pop in and out.  She also enclosed a beautiful ceramic fish soapdish with 2 bars of handmade soap that smell sooooo yummy.  I told her I was inspired to get a new shower curtain with fish on it, but instead I found TWO shower curtains at the flea market (BRAND NEW--No, I would NOT buy a used shower curtain!  GROSS!) I'll have to take a pic of the current one I have up.  It has these beautiful flowers in black and white, with red centers, and different types of houndstooth designs in the leaves.  They were only $2 EACH!  Black, white, and red are so hot together. 

Did I seriously ramble on like that?  Sorry. 



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