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Stupid kids

I wish parents would teach their kids NOT to play in the road in this neighborhood!  They sit in the road like its a playground!  Stupid! 

Anyway, I applied at Joann Fabrics and Crafts today.  I REALLY hope I hear back from them!  I'm so desperate.  I'm tired of feeling depressed everyday and that I don't contribute to this household.  I have experience cutting and measuring fabric, so I hope that helps me out.  Gonna go enjoy cheese pizza for lunch.  Short but sweet.

Phlegm sucks

It is seriously like week #4 of hacking up phlegm.  I'm so done with this shit!  In other news, still no job.  I honestly feel like giving up.  I just don't see why places like grocery stores and little ass retail businesses in malls need resumes!  Its not like I'm applying for a job as a receptionist!  I don't see much use in creating a resume if all I've ever really had experience in is retail.  I know the reason why no one will hire me and its probably because I quit the last 2 jobs I had without notice and the fact that I haven't had a job since 2007.  

I was watching a couple of documentaries about Rasputin yesterday and nearly fell asleep.  I thought he'd be more interesting.  He was still a pretty weird guy, but not as maniacal as I thought, I guess.  

I wonder if my husband would be into driving around and looking at the leaves this weekend.  They're actually finally changing and Colonial Williamsburg and the surrounding areas are gorgeous this time of year.  I need to take more pictures, anyway.  

Okay, I guess that's it.  

Something new

Lately I've been thinking about getting back into sculpting.  Not that I'm a professional, but I remember Ceramics & Sculpture being my favorite class in high school.  I did really well in it.  I want to use Sculpey or another type of polymer clay and make realistic looking sculptures.  I don't really care for the fake looking cartoonish stuff I've seen on etsy, but there are some pretty awesome realistic things that I wouldn't mind making.    I have a lot of questions, though:  Is there a specific brand that works best?  If I made jewelry, would I be at a significant risk of melting the metal pieces that are involved with making those loops for pendants?  What if I wanted to mount something on wood?  I just really want to do SOMETHING that involves me selling stuff on etsy.  I'd love to do handmade soap, but there are SO many people that have already jumped on the handmade soap bandwagon, and why would MY soap be better than someone else's?  You have to have money to make money.  I'm definitely starting to believe that statement.  I bought Sewing For Dummies, so I should really just get my sewing machine out and start learning something useful.  I agree with what a friend told me before:  make something that people can use and they'll totally buy it.  Instead of making something that sits on a shelf, in other words.  I'm also starting to get a keen eye for what looks good and what doesn't.  So, this girl I know is now making frames and has her own etsy shop.  Well, her photos of the frames absolutely SUCK!  They're kind of out of focus and far away.  I also think she could have done a better job with the set up of the photo. Instead of placing the frame in a tree, she should have put it on a nice table with a random photo inside of it.  She needs to do some clear close-ups.  Anyway, I've been pimping some of my friends' etsy listings on my Facebook wall, but hers didn't make the cut.  Not like my opinion matters, but I'd really rather only pimp something I believe in.  

Punkin' goodness!

I'm about to make some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins using my mom's vintage Sunbeam mixer.  I would SO like a Kitchenaid mixer, but after finding out how much they are, I think I'll pass.  I mean, if I owned my own bakery, yeah.  I don't, though-so what's the point?  For over $200, it had better clean itself AND serve me muffins!  Anyway, I'm super obsessed with everything pumpkin scented, flavored, etc. lately.  Weird.  Anyway, they're the same muffins MIlly made for me in CT.  SO yummy!  My baked ziti turned out pretty awesome.  I think next time I'll use only one tablespoon of brown sugar though.  It was a little TOO sweet.  

Today was spent getting the oil changed in the van and getting it inspected.  Then, I had to go to the social security office to try and get a new card, but it turns out I need my marriage certificate.  The one thing I DIDN'T think of, right?  So, its all the way back to Newport News next week, assuming I can find my marriage certificate.  Argh.  Today hasn't been my day, but then, driving in the city isn't my thing anymore.  I think Newport News is the REASON I'm not that into driving anymore.  I never used to be this nervous about driving.  But, I deal.  Get in, get out.  Do it to it.  Just get over it.

I wonder if I should get up and look for Halloween on DVD.  I've been in the mood to watch it since...well, 'tis the season.  Its in the entertainment center somewhere.  

Looking forward to some beautiful weather this weekend.  If it rains one more time, I'm going to throw something.  Anyway, muffins!


So, this is a lot of shit.  For one, I really want a Halloween/anniversary party, but I guess that won't be happening, because I don't have any friends in real life.  I mean, I have my best friend who just had a baby and hasn't responded to anything I've written on her Facebook wall about meeting the baby, etc.  Whatever.  I could honestly care less.  I must sound like a total selfish bitch, but at this point, I've done my part.  But yeah, I honestly feel closer to my swappers than my so-called real friends.  There's Fuzzy & April, but Fuzzy is Jim's best friend and I like April, but she's not really a CLOSE friend of mine.  Besides, we ALL always get invited to Melissa's Halloween party.  Yay.  I don't know her that well, either.  She's April's best friend.  Fuck, if my swappers all lived closer, it'd be on!  No offense to Melissa, but she's got a slight roach problem, and I'm NOT bringing that shit into my house.  Sorry!  I guess I just figured since its my first year in my very own place, that we could have a party, but I guess not.  

Then, how do I tell people I don't want to swap with them anymore?  I've already gone on hiatus until I find a job so I can have some extra $$$ to swap.  Problem is, I don't want to swap with the people that aren't that creative.  I feel like an asshole even thinking this, but some people just suck.  I know I'm not the best at what I do, but I'd like to think I at least TRY.  

Anyway, I have a killer baked ziti in the oven right now.  I used the sauce recipe that actually goes with the lasagna I make, but used ziti instead.  Seems like every baked ziti recipe I found all called for a jar of spaghetti sauce.  I wanted to make my own sauce, so that's what I did.  

So, I guess I'm having a hee haw (insert sarcasm here) good time at the State Fair this Saturday.  I should take my camera & take some pics of all the festivities.  It should be fun, seeing as how I haven't been since I was 17.  Damn.  I have to get the stupid van inspected tomorrow and the oil changed.  I must resist temptation to thrift while in Hampton/Newport News.


So, finally I did the whole Facebook thing.  I don't really give a crap about social networking, but I guess joining for the sake of my etsy shop is okay.  I need to take some new pictures of myself.  Ha!  It's been forever and a day and I don't even wear make-up anymore, so all my current pics I attempt to take look washed-out.   I hope I get that Olympus Pen digital camera for xmas.  It's so expensive, though...

Anyway, it looks like it's going to rain today.  Fine by me.  We really need some anyway.  Sorry so boring.  At least I have Peking Chinese, sushi, and Mongolian buffet to look forward to tonight.  Oh yeah!

too much

There has been entirely too much going on lately.  Jim's mom was in the hospital from June 22-July 2.  Turns out her heart and lungs had fluid around them.  No wonder she had such terrible shortness of breath after doing nothing but sitting in bed.  They discovered her heart is only functioning at about 10%.  They told us there's nothing they can do because she's a cancer patient.  She's back home and on oxygen.  They delivered a hospital bed for her, too.  She seems to be doing a LOT better and gets up and down on her own, now. 

Anyway, other than that, it feels like we're never home on the weekend.  Last weekend we went to the Blackbeard Pirate Fest.  That was Friday night.  We ate dinner with Jim's boss and his family, then watched Blue Oyster Cult play.  They have 2 songs I actually KNOW, so I was just kind of hot, sweaty and felt like NOT being there.  There's one thing I hate about VA and that's the damn humidity.  Ugh!  We came back again on Sunday with Fuzzy and April.  We ate and walked around a bit and looked at the different pirate booths and went aboard a replica Swedish pirate ship.  I took a few good photos of Fuzzy and April, since they don't really have a lot of them together.  Then again, neither do Jim and I.  Anyway, after that we went to Busch Gardens and the B52s were playing.  We barely made it and only got to see the ass end of them performing Rock Lobster.  Good GOD...People with strollers will RUN...YOU...DOWN.  Grrrr....  

So, this Friday night I'll have my once a month Chinese buffet dinner at Peking in Williamsburg with Nancy.  She has stuff to do afterward, so I asked her if I could invite Jim.  He's been dying to try the sushi train.  I think this weekend we're going to try and take it easy.  I hope.  We have to take his mom to Langley Air Force Base today so she can get her Coumadin levels in her blood checked.  We both have to go because one of us needs to push the extra oxygen tank, should her current one run out. 

Jim has decided to take his week's paid vacation the same time his boss is taking his.  I think it's this month around the 25th or so?  I just wish we could leave and go OUT of town without worrying about his mom.  I mean, it's not that I can't leave town...I just can't leave town for more than one night or so, because of having to take care of his mom.  Milly invited me to take the train to New Haven and she'd pick me up.  I can't do that unless it's for the weekend only.  Then, Jim can take care of her.  Anyway, he was originally going to take his vacation around our wedding anniversary, which is Halloween.  He decided to just ask for a couple days off around then. 

I know what I want for Christmas.  An Olympus Pen digital camera.  It's about $600, though, so I'm just dreaming. 

TGIF, bitches!

Jim is getting off early today after having worked an 11 hour day...Wed. or maybe it was Monday?  I can't remember, but whatever.  He's bringing home Firehouse Subs.  This time I decided to get a Club on a Sub, instead of my normal beef n' cheddar brisket, or my other usual the Firehouse Meatball sub. 

Anyway, we need to get a floater for the pool because he's been just kind of dropping the chlorine tablets in the floating filter thingy and it's staining the bottom of the vinyl.  Eek!  We'll probably go to Ollie's for that.  Hopefully they have Avery brand gluesticks there.  If not, I can get a pack of 3 at Dollar Tree.  I've used a ton of glue on these cards I made recently for my etsy shop.  I'm kind of scared to put them in my shop, though.  I have all these seemingly great ideas, but then I get scared they're going to suck horribly when I actually DO make them.  Anyway, here's a pic of them.  They're basically just cards to enclose with packages or to use as postcards.  I have some postcards I made recently, but I haven't rubber stamped the words/phrases on them yet.  They're from a vintage book on the human body.  I just adore vintage anatomy in artwork.  So, I've decided to spend the money and buy this stuff by Lineco that you brush on a stack of clamped together paper and it makes an instant notepad.  I've been wanting to do this for over a year.  I managed to sell a huge amount of vintage buttons I scored last weekend in a half full gallon sized pickle jar.  Anyway, I think it'll be a lot of fun designing covers for notepads. 

I've been listening to far too much '80s country recently and was in the mood for some '80s today (It was Wang Chung's fault for being on the radio!), so I have it on the '80s Music Choice channel.  I also like Classic Alternative. 

Note to self: Buy vintage Redd Foxx records at flea market, if I run across them again.  The covers would make great deco pics or notepad pics. 


Okay posting again!

Okay, I just HAD to share this.  I just found Cathie Filian on Etsy!  I don't know if you've ever seen the show Creative Juice or not.  It used to come on DIY Network.  NOW, all they show are "house" shows.  I really don't give a crap about how to install flooring, painting walls, or installing cabinetry.  I really MISS the fun crafting shows they had.  When I came upon this: http://www.etsy.com/listing/48299979/turquoise-blue-web-ribbon-2-inches-wide  I recognized her name and face.  She was one of the hosts from the show!  She's actually very nice and does custom orders.  Check out her shop on Etsy!  www.cathiefilian.etsy.com She says they still air the show on HGTV on Wednesday mornings.  Gotta go set my DVR! 

Anyway, since what I wanted came in 2 inch wide 1 yard pieces, I ordered 1/2 yard pieces instead.  If I know me, I'll use a bit of it and share it with my swappers.  Check out her shop!  You won't be dissappointed! 


I just dropped my computer on my left foot.  It bruised instantly, but I put ice on it and now it's just red and has two little puncture wounds like a vampire.  Luckily, the computer still works...obviously.  To top it all off I can't go night swimming now, because "aunt flow" is in town this week.  Nancy and I have decided to rent a horror movie instead. 

I woke up last night for about THREE hours.  I don't know what that was about.  Cramps, maybe?  Ha!  I watched an old Whitest Kids U' Know.  I LOVE that show!  I think I'm going to use Dinosaur Rap in this one lyrix book I have.  Anyway, the new season starts June 11th on IFC.  Check it out!  :-)   For some reason, I always wake up and some foreign film is on Sundance.  ALWAYS.  I love foreign films...especially when Jim goes out of town on a run with his truck.  I watch all this crazy independent and foreign stuff that he wouldn't normally watch. 

This weekend he's going with Kenny to the Pinks drag race thing in Richmond.  Boring.  Have fun.  Ever since his wife Vickie died, he's been pretty down.  Kenny is like a dad to Jim.  Miss Vickie was the sweetest nicest lady ever and I miss her so much.  She died on the 14th of May and her funeral was on the 17th-the day before my 30th birthday.  In fact, that entire week was the worst week of my life.  My birthday was great, but I was still upset.  I knew that Milly's bday was very close to mine and so I sent her a big package.  What I didn't expect was for her to send me a huge package in return.  She didn't have to do that.  However, I'm extremely happy with the Dymo Caption Maker labelmaker thingy she sent me.  It is SO much easier to use than a regular embossing labelmaker.  My hand doesn't cramp up, AND the different wheels are VERY easy to pop in and out.  She also enclosed a beautiful ceramic fish soapdish with 2 bars of handmade soap that smell sooooo yummy.  I told her I was inspired to get a new shower curtain with fish on it, but instead I found TWO shower curtains at the flea market (BRAND NEW--No, I would NOT buy a used shower curtain!  GROSS!) I'll have to take a pic of the current one I have up.  It has these beautiful flowers in black and white, with red centers, and different types of houndstooth designs in the leaves.  They were only $2 EACH!  Black, white, and red are so hot together. 

Did I seriously ramble on like that?  Sorry.